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The Charm Family - Creating Canadian Love Stories


Charm Diamonds was a labour of love that started as one store and became Canada's largest family owned jeweller.

In this special episode, we get to hear the story from the very beginning, told by founders Richard, Sharon, and their son Troy. From overcoming business challenges, to outstanding stories of going the extra mile for loyal customers, it's clear that love is behind it all at Charm Diamond Centres.

Jewellery is their expertise, but it's the family's work ethic and commitment to their customers that has kept the doors open for 50 years.


Food For Thought


You've probably heard the saying, “you have to learn to love yourself before you can love someone else”.

This week's love story belongs to Roni Davis. For a long time, Roni was obsessed with having the perfect body. But when she got it, and it didn't bring her happiness. She eventually decided to look within and change her relationship with food, and herself.

Now she's helping inspire and educate others to do the same.


Love Saved My Life


Ever feel like reconnecting with a high school flame?

Today's love story belongs to Jen and Brian, two transplanted East Coasters living in Peterborough, Ontario.

The pair were smitten with eachother in their high school years, and life eventually sent them in other directions. But sometimes certain sparks never die. The two kept in touch and became closer when Brian reached out to support Jen through a tough time.

After reconnecting via distance, Jen took a leap of faith and made the move to Ontario, which prompted some chance circumstances that led her to a breast cancer diagnosis.

Some could say her faith in the union, saved her life. Their relationship was truly life changing for both of them.


Lockdown Lovebirds


During dark times, we could all use a happy story to bring us some hope. This fantastic love story belongs to Audrey and Jim from White Rock, British Columbia.

During lockdown, Jim was ready for companionship and hopped on an online dating site for seniors. At the same time, Audrey was about to delete her account. The pair had a 94% compatibility score, which prompted a message from Jim.

A whirlwind romance followed, including a memorable first date, a grand romantic gesture, a proposal over a bowl of pasta and an intimate wedding ceremony.

Their love story took the world by storm, gained international attention and stole our hearts.


INSIGHTS: Finding Love Again


Like any adventure, the map of love includes some detours and speed bumps.

Welcome to a new special series on the Canadian Love Map: Love Insights. In these occasional episodes, we'll be diving into the interesting topics surrounding love and talk relationship experts to better understand the complexities of these subjects. We will also hear from the everyday people who are experiencing them.

This week, we're putting a positive spin on breakups by asking: how can we convert what looks like a dead end into a better and brighter beginning?

 This week, we talk to Trina Leckie, a relationship coach and the host of the Breakup Boost podcast. Trina makes a career out of coaching people through these challenging times by giving them the tools to heal, find confidence and get back to dating as a better version of themselves.

Can a detour actually lead to a delightful new destination? Let's find out!


Love On The Spot: First Dates


Love always has a beginning. And that beginning is unique to each story. A lot of the time, romance starts with the first date.

In Season Four,  we took to the streets to meet Canadians, and pick their brains about love. This season, we're bringing you more of that with our occasional love on the spot episodes.

This week Podstarter producer Nathan Stone asks Canadians to share their experiences of first dates, and the factors that determine how enduring those first impressions are.


Love After Life


“Love is the light that is part of your life. It's unconditional. It's always been there.” 

This week's love story belongs to Sean Leonard of Millbrook First Nation in Miꞌkmaꞌki.

Shawn is an Aboriginal psychic medium and the star of an APTN tv show "Spirit Talker". Shawn knew at a young age he had a special gift, but he further understood his purpose after having a vision of his father, who had passed away. Since then, it's been his purpose to connect with the other side.

His work is all about love, as he helps people heal through his gift of connecting them to lost loved ones. Shawn believes our connection to the world beyond the physical realm is inside all of us. All we have to do is give it a chance, and listen.


Planting Seeds Of Compassion


"Passion, wherever you introduce, it explodes in all directions, and it hits everybody."

Dave Carroll is a beloved singer, songwriter, speaker and author. Dave's viral song United Breaks Guitars went viral in 2009, becoming the number one music video on YouTube that year. It turned a messy airport situation into a customer service learning experience and planted the seeds for an international career in inspiring others.

His message of compassionate design reminds us that we are connected, and encourages us to always look out for others.

Dave is now spreading his message of self acceptance and compassion to the younger generation with a brand-new children's book, “Tom The Tomato Plant”. The story is all about gratitude, seeing yourself in other people, and the positive rewards of helping others.