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A curated podcast by Charm

Nancy Regan

Hosted by former CTV News Atlantic Anchor Nancy Regan and led by our customers’ unique voices.

From the East Coast to the West, join us as we capture untold and inspiring Canadian love stories, lost friendships rekindled after decades apart, deep family connections and more. 

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23: Season 2 Recap with Nancy & Sarah

Jun 24, 2021 - 15min

That's a wrap on another great season of Canadian Love Map! Host Nancy Regan and Producer Sarah MacLellan sit down to chat about the amazing second season.


This season we dove even deeper into all kinds of connections. From remembering those who have passed, reuniting with love, the power of friendship, family bonds and learning to love ourselves, we covered it all this season. We can't wait to explore more love stories in season 3 - coming back this fall!

22. The Chosen Family

Jun 17, 2021 - 41min

Rouge and Deva are a duo of drag queens who create a splash of love wherever they go. Their bond is unique and unbreakable.


They entertain thousands with their online empire StationDRG and YouTube show "Queens Ranting". But they are also paying it forward by teaching and inspiring a younger generation of performers.


Deva and Rouge are a chosen family for those who need it the most.

21. Paul & Cori

Jun 10, 2021 - 39min

Sometimes it's hard to find your match. Your partner. Your soul mate. Imagine doing it miles apart, in different countries, different time zones. Then you'll start to understand how it all began for Paul and Cori.


Of course distance wasn't' the only challenge they faced, but over 20 years together they've grown into their own and are healing hearts through inspirational music.

20. Leading With Love

Jun 03, 2021 - 32min

In our darkest hours, when we're filled with anger, it's difficult to face the world with love. But that's what Tyler Simmonds is teaching us through his powerful films.


By opening up about his mental health struggles and sharing powerful stories of healing, filmmaker Tyler Simmonds is using his unique perspective and personal lens, to help others feel less alone in the world.


Every voice can make a difference, and we can't wait for you to hear Tyler's.

19. Jess, Mike & The Basketball Girls

May 27, 2021 - 28min

Jess and Mike are high school sweethearts from a small remote island community. They coach the High School girls' basketball team, that's seen their fair share of losses. But 2020/2021 was a little different for everyone.


This small community pulled together a team that not only stole the hearts of the town, but also won their first championship.


Don't ever give up, no matter how small you are or how big the challenge is.

18. Eric & Nonno

May 20, 2021 - 35min

Sometimes once you get to know someone one-on-one you realize they were meant to be your best friend. That's exactly what happened when illness brought Eric and his nonno closer together


It was the every day ordinary moments observing his grandparent's marriage and learning about his nonno's past that ended up teaching Eric the most about life and love.

17. Steph & Matt

May 13, 2021 - 25min

Steph and Matt's journey started years ago as wide eyed pre-teens. And like most young couples, as they tried to find themselves they lost each other.


Life has a way of bringing people back together. Faced with health challenges, they found comfort, support and love with each other.

16. Bonus Mother's Day Special

May 09, 2021 - 17min

Happy Mother's Day!


To celebrate all those moms out there, we're pulling those special moments of mom 'reflections' from season 1 and 2.


We've learned being a mom isn't always easy but it's certainly worth it!

15. Melissa & Dennis

May 06, 2021 - 26min

What started as a friendship involving a very special puppy, led to an exotic and romantic waterfall engagement. Melissa and Dennis soon became compatible partners in romance and in business.


This power couple not only owns and operates their own small business together, but they are also the parents of three wonderful children. From engagement, to marriage and parenthood, this super sweet episode has all the right ingredients to melt your heart.

14. Shannon, Keon and The Triplets

Apr 29, 2021 - 27min

Shannon and Keon had been on a difficult journey to expand their family, but after a magical trip to Cyprus, they were blessed with triplets. Born into the world just before the pandemic, this couple has their hands full with parenthood. But they have been loving every minute of it.


For Shannon and Keon, it all has been worth it, despite the many twists and turns along the way.

13. Bill, Doreen & The Little Blue Suitcase

Apr 22, 2021 - 26min

When the fate of the world is unknown, love can help shed clarity on what matters most.


Bill and Doreen were two young lovers kept apart during World War II. Their story seems as unpredictable as the time they were living in.


Years later their grandson was helping clean out a basement and he stumbled across a little blue suitcase revealing over 500 letters between Bill and Doreen.


Check-out the love letters on Jason's blog Little Blue Suitcase:

12. The Love of Joy

Apr 15, 2021 - 39min

Joy Saunders is 102 years old and has truly lived a life of love.


From her marriage to a handsome captain named Jack, to her work with the VON, including a charitable walk that raised over $78,000, Joy's story involves love of all kinds.

10. Marvin & Therese

Apr 01, 2021 - 29min

From a young age, Marvin and Therese's marriage inspired their daughter Rebecca.


Rebecca stumble upon a rare and profound photo of her father at a Holocaust exhibit. Both her parents individually experienced one of the world's most horrific chapters. As two Holocaust survivors who suffered through their own personal tragedies, they endured a series of miracles, that has inspired Rebecca to share their stories.


This week's love story is one of strength, resilience and of course - family.

9. Kevin & Chantal

Mar 25, 2021 - 26min

Their romance started in the 80's in a dance club but ended after life had them going separate directions. Despite being heartbroken, Chantal followed Kevin's career with the sky hawks from a far and always felt their story was unfinished.


Over 3 decades later and after a lot of life experience, Chantal reached out to Kevin on social media, and the romance started back up again.


Finally Kevin and Chantal were able to get a second chance at love.

8. Natalie & Donnell

Mar 18, 2021 - 26min

Natalie and Donnell are a couple who captured the hearts of Canada with their energetic Celtic music performances. Before they even met, they admired each others music from a far. Donnell eventually found his way to Natalie after hearing her mix tape and making a trip to Cape Breton. The rest is history.

7. Marisa & Anthony

Mar 11, 2021 - 26min

Marissa and Anthony were teen sweethearts who had a fairy tale relationship. When Anthony passed away unexpectedly at 36, Marisa was left with intense grief, 3 daughters to raise and a long lost memory of an orange Honda CRX.


10 years after the car had been sold, a nostalgic search began. With the support of friends, family and even strangers - she was reunited with her late husband’s prized possession.

6. Andrew & Olivia

Mar 04, 2021 - 24min

After some games of cat and mouse and a lot of patience from Andrew, Olivia finally gave Andrew a chance. Now the harmonious couple is the perfect example of being "in tune" with each other both in love and musically. The lockdown provided them the silver lining opportunity to write some beautiful songs together. Andrew and Olivia are proof that being in love, can certainly help you write a great love song.

5. Melanie & Carter

Feb 25, 2021 - 23min

Love isn't always easy, but if we surround ourselves with people who spread positivity despite challenges, it can inspire others.


Melanie's son Carter was born with down syndrome. Carter is a ray of light in her life, taking on the world just like everyone else.


The pandemic has heightened Melanie's understanding of isolation and the importance of connection, helping her further appreciate what Carter goes through every day.


This love story is about understanding, connection and compassion

4. Erica & Adam

Feb 18, 2021 - 23min

Sometimes love at first sight can take awhile. It took 65 years for Fred and Florence. They were teenage sweethearts who dated in the 1950's, and ended up living separate lives for 65 years. After the intervention of their brothers and a Valentines Day phone call from Florence - the couple reunited in 2020.

3. Fred & Florence

Feb 11, 2021 - 26min

Sometimes love at first sight can take awhile. It took 65 years for Fred and Florence. They were teenage sweethearts who dated in the 1950's, and ended up living separate lives for 65 years. After the intervention of their brothers and a Valentines Day phone call from Florence - the couple reunited in 2020.

2. Casey & Ryan

Feb 04, 2020 - 25min

When you experience the thrill of first love, you never expect to have it taken away from you unexpectedly. Casey experienced both first love and love lost with boyfriend Ryan, who passed away recently from leukemia.


Through the hard times, it was Casey's resilience and steadfast support that made the couples final moments together all worth it


This story is all about staying strong for the ones you love, until the very end.

1. David & Irene

Jan 28, 2021 - 21min

David and Irene fell deeply in love after a fateful mosquito bite brought them together. Over a span of 62 years, they embarked on a life of love, kindness and meaningful memories with their family. This is a love story that lasted a lifetime. The couple passed away within 2 weeks of each other from Covid-19.


We hear all about their story from their grandson, David Jr., who is inspired by his grandparents' love story and their steadfast commitment to service.