Julianna B

A jewelry collection with a shared vision

Julianna B is the creation of Julie Gniwisch and Briendy Gansbourg. This mother-daughter team is no stranger to the jewelry industry, with over 30 years’ experience in owning and running one of the largest jewelry e-commerce suppliers in North America. This energetic duo has come together to create a line abundant in style and personality for all women to enjoy.

“My mother is elegant and classic. My style is more edgy and fun. Together, we create something beautiful and wearable.”
– Briendy Gansbourg

Julianna B is more than just the fusion of J and B. It is where classic and contemporary meet, two personalities expressed in wearable and unique pieces. Julianna B is for smart women, designed to make the wearer feel exquisite, no matter what the occasion. You don’t need a reason to put on jewelry. Just wear it – just because.