Dear Diamond

December 04 2017

1) Stackables: Celebrate any occasion - or just because - with a diamond band from our stackable collection. Mix, match and stack them up to fit your individual style with as much sparkle as you desire.


July 05 2017

Like your love, our bridal sets have been created in perfect harmony. With matching bands that have been designed to fit perfectly to your stunning engagement ring and hand selected diamonds that enhance your bridal look, our bridal sets have been designed to celebrate your love story.  

From romantic gold details to elegant diamond settings, our bridal set selection offers unique and stunning pieces to fit every taste and budget.  

April 13 2017

From your wedding and anniversary, to ‘I love you’ and just because - when it comes to diamonds, we’ll take just about any occasion to celebrate.

Our love of diamonds goes beyond their breathtaking sparkle. Though beautiful, diamonds symbolize something greater – a moment in time and a reflection of love, friendship and celebration.   

March 07 2017

With spring just around the corner, nothing gets us ready for warmer days ahead more than shedding our winter layers and adding a pop of colour and a splash of sparkle to our wardrobe.