January 06 2017

As the classic saying goes, ‘all that glitters is gold’, and when it comes to the red carpet, we’re seeing nothing but pure sparkle. From the Golden Globes to the Oscars, nothing says award season better than gold, and we’re celebrating the start of our favourite season with a tribute to the classic.

Fun Gold Facts

December 14 2016

A true Canadian treasure from the heart of our home, Canadian Diamonds are as beautiful as they are honourable. Formed in the great Canadian underground over millions of years to become a symbol of your love story — Glacier Fire is where Canada shines the brightest.

November 22 2016

Discover Your Inner Disney Princess

Once upon a time there was a jewellery collection so magical, it transformed those who wore it into their favourite Disney princess. With rose gold detail so fine, it could turn a beast into a charming prince, and pixy dust diamonds that could transform the ordinary into a magical land far away. Inspired by your favourite Disney moments, the Enchanted Disney collection is what dreams are made of.

Which Princess are you?

November 15 2016

Created with the ultimate fashionista in mind, Bella Moda takes jewellery trends inspired from around the world and delivers them to our trendiest Canadian customers.

From ear climbers and geometric shapes, to multi-layers and mixed metals, Bella Moda designs provide a contemporary twist on the classic with something special for everyone.