(Consumer Protection Act, section 119.1)
The following information is current to August 4, 2021
Initial credit rateWe will tell you your initial credit rate (also referred to as “Annual Interest Rate” or “AIR”) for your Regular Credit Purchases when your application is approved. Your AIR will also be disclosed on your monthly statement. Depending on your creditworthiness, your AIR for Regular Credit Purchases will be 31.99% or 35%. If your AIR is 31.99% and we do not receive your minimum payment twice within a 12- month period, we may increase your AIR to 35%.
Grace periodYou will benefit from an interest-free grace period of 21 days for new purchases following availability of your monthly statement in electronic format.
Other charges

(charged at time of transaction or occurrence, unless otherwise noted)
Payment protection insurance premium and applicable taxes (“Insurance Premium”): If you enrol in payment protection insurance, which is optional, Insurance Premiums are charged to your account monthly. The premium amount is based on your outstanding balance and is described in your payment protection insurance enrolment email. If you would not otherwise have a minimum payment due, we may, at our option, allow you to defer payment of your monthly Insurance Premium and add it to your outstanding promotional balance. Your monthly statement will indicate whether your Insurance Premium is due as part of the minimum payment.
Annual fee: The higher of $39.99 (standard fee) and $99.99 (if you use your account for travel purchases or if the only promotion we offer you is an equal monthly payments promotion that is interest bearing at a 29.99% promotional interest rate), which fees may be waived depending on the Merchant Partner where you opened your Account. If applicable, the Annual Fee is charged on your monthly statement following your first transaction and, if there is an outstanding balance on your account, on each anniversary date of your first purchase transaction. If you do not have an outstanding balance on any anniversary date but make a purchase or receive an extension of credit following that date, you will be charged the Annual Fee on your monthly statement following that transaction. Your anniversary date will then be reset to the date of that transaction.
Non-sufficient funds fee: $49.99 for each cheque or other instrument used to pay your Account that is dishonoured by the financial institution on which it is drawn.
Additional paper statement copy fee: $10 for an additional mailed hardcopy of a monthly statement.
Credit balance fee, if your Account is inactive and has a credit balance for at least 12 months: The lesser of $25 or the amount of your credit balance.
Foreign currency conversion fee, if we allow you to use your Account for a purchase in a foreign currency: 2.5% of the purchase amount.