My Charm Life

July 23 2019

From our iconic lighthouses and breathtaking mountains, to our sparkling Great Lakes and radiant Northern Lights, Canada’s vast and diverse landscapes are nothing short of awe inspiring. With every season comes brilliant beauty - our icy winters as crisp as Canadian diamonds and sparkling summers as radiant as gold. 



July 12 2019





May 01 2019

As we welcome May, we can’t help but feel the delight of spring and the celebrations that ensue. Mother’s Day is May 12th and for us, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the meaning of Mother. The term Mom can mean many things to many people. To us, the definition of ‘Mom’ means unconditional love and comes in many forms. From Moms, to aunts and grandmothers, to friends, neighbours and teachers and even moms with fur babies, we’re celebrating all Moms that care and love for us every day - no matter what.