April 13 2018

Birthstone Series: Diamonds

If April showers bring May flowers, then let it rain diamonds all month long!

Diamonds, April’s birthstone, are known for their brilliant sparkle and timeless versatility, making them the perfect gift to celebrate any occasion. As the world’s most sought-after gemstone, it’s no wonder that diamonds and love go hand in hand.

Diamonds come in endless forms, characterized by the 4 C's – no two diamonds are exactly alike, which make them just as unique as the person wearing them.

As the toughest mineral on earth, diamonds are not only adored for their spectacular beauty, but also for their durability and unique characteristics, proving diamonds really are forever.

Our selection of diamonds goes beyond the showcase to feature Canada’s largest selection of Canadian diamonds, custom diamond jewellery, and the season’s hottest bridal and diamond trends.

Our Diamond Extravaganza Sale is the perfect way to celebrate an April birthday, engagement, anniversary or simply, a way to say “I love you”.

From classics diamond studs, to modern fancy shaped engagement rings, we have a diamond to suite every occasion and budget.

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