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February 01 2018

The heART of Valentine’s Day - A Little Charm Goes a Long Way

Valentine’s Day is the official holiday of love – whether you’re celebrating a romantic love, the love of a family member, BFF love or even self-love, we have the perfect gift that celebrates your love - with an added touch of sparkle.


Diamond Heart Pendants

Worn close to her heart and a constant reminder of your love, nothing says, “I love you” like a heart pendant.

Dancing Diamonds

Featuring perpetual motion diamonds and gemstones that waltz to the beat of your heart. Expertly crafted, each diamond and gemstone twinkles with exceptional brilliance and sparkle. 



Promise Rings

Pretty and petite, our promise ring collection celebrates the promise of forever, and are just so charming!



Stackable Diamond Rings 

They say that diamonds are forever, and to us, there’s no greater love than love that lasts a lifetime. Our stackale diamond rings are a timeless gift that will be treasured for years to come.

Infinity Symbols

Representing endless love, infinity symbols are a modern and stylish gift for the trendsetter in your life.

Bridal Sets

Like your love, our bridal sets have been created in perfect harmony. With matching bands that have been designed to fit perfectly to your stunning engagement ring and hand selected diamonds that enhance your bridal look. Our bridal sets have been designed to celebrate your true love.

Bouquet  Diamonds

This bouquet lasts a lifetime! Romantic and elegant, with bold sparkle, our Bouquet Collection is the perfect way to add a touch or sparkle to any look.


Precious and vivacious, gemstones are believed to possess unique qualities, making them the perfect symbol to represent your love. 


xo Charm heart