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February 23 2017

My Diamond Story... the ring with a brilliant heritage

My Diamond Story™ is a unique Canadian Diamond bridal collection, celebrating your choice of an engagement ring with one-of-a-kind characteristics. Each ring in the My Diamond Story collection tells a story of the diamond-finishing and jewellery-making process - from rough stone to sparkling bridal ring - so you will know why there is no other ring like yours in the world. When each bride wears her engagement ring for the first time, My Diamond Story becomes her own – to cherish, tell and re-tell many times.


My Diamond Mapping

Each rough diamond contains an inner luminous essence, revealed through the intricate process of diamond cutting. Our process uses state of-the-art 3D technology to map the best cut and character for each rough Canadian diamond. Your certificate includes an image, showing how Diamond Mapping unlocked the essential beauty of your centre stone. 



My Diamond Cutting and Polishing

Through generations, diamond cutting and polishing has been the noble art of master craftsmen. Today, skilled human eyes and hands still make the precise cuts required to capture the sparkle and beauty of brilliant round diamonds. Your rough diamond has been enhanced into an exquisite engagement ring by industry-leading cutting and polishing specialists.

My Diamond Grading

My Diamond Story Canadian diamonds are independently certified by the Gemological Science International (GSI) with grading that documents the 4 C’s: Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat Weight. The diamond’s quality is guaranteed by the GSI certificate that accompanies each ring. Each Canadian centre diamond is microscopically etched with a unique ID number to ensure a high level of quality and permanent identification.

My Diamond Ring Design

Our styles are timeless, blending the essence of romance with modern design expertise to enhance your diamond’s natural beauty. My Diamond Story includes an artist’s sketch of its setting, to help you appreciate the designer’s vision as your jewellery was conceived. 



My Diamond Hand Setting

As part of the personal touch that is My Diamond Story’s essence, each ring is handset by a skilled craftsman. This is the final step before your ring reaches your finger and becomes a part of you – an enduring symbol of your new life and relationship. 


My Diamond Story ring comes with two certificates, My Diamond Story Birth Certificate and Gemological Science International (GSI) Laboratory Certificate, to assure high level of quality, trust and value.



My Diamond Story Ring Box

Each My Diamond Story ring can be presented to the bride with style, elegance and surprise. The Presentation Box has been carefully designed to emphasize each ring’s unique qualities and story. Designed with love, the Presentation Box highlights the engagement ring and its matching My Diamond Story certificate. The My Diamond Story experience has been designed to make the bride (and her partner) feel special and remember this unique experience forever.

It is most definitely the most unique Ring Box that you would have come across, as it has a never seen before LCD Screen, in which you can capture your moment of Proposal, or even propose to your loved one with your video…all this simply by uploading your video and transferring it from your computer to the My Diamond Story Box with the help of the USB Cable and User Manual provided in the box itself.

Your Proposal with the Unique My Diamond Story Box will be as much Unique and cherished forever. 



My Diamond Story

Of all loving relationships in the world, yours with your chosen partner is unique. Of all engagement rings in the world, yours also is unique. My Diamond Story captures this remarkable story.