November 15 2016

Trends We Love: Bella Moda - Beauty is Always in Fashion

Created with the ultimate fashionista in mind, Bella Moda takes jewellery trends inspired from around the world and delivers them to our trendiest Canadian customers.

From ear climbers and geometric shapes, to multi-layers and mixed metals, Bella Moda designs provide a contemporary twist on the classic with something special for everyone.  


Designed exclusively by Charm Diamond Centres, Bella Moda proves that beauty is always in fashion, allowing each piece to shine on its own or pair perfectly with others to create an effortless layered look.

Staying on trend with geometric shapes, Bella Moda offers a variety of chic and dramatic options. The only hard part is deciding which styles to choose! From classic bar designs to dazzling arrows, geometric shapes have proven they are a staple in every jewellery box. You can wear this look alone, or make a bold statement by adding your existing pieces or others from the collection.

When it comes to choosing a metal, we love mixing things up to create a look that’s a little unexpected. Mixing metals is a simple way to create a look that’s cohesive but maintains an effortless vibe that can be worn day and night.


If you’re looking to up your earring game, ear climbers and front-back earrings are the way to go. With a look that can go from pretty to edgy depending on your mood, Bella Moda offers contemporary designs that are versatile and dramatic.


Whichever look you’re going for, Bella Moda promises to make it uniquely your own!

Discover the complete Bella Moda collection here