Charm Jewellery Ltd  Accessibility Policy

Charm Jewellery Ltd  Accessibility Policy-  Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

Charm Jewellery Ltd. (hereon referred to as “Charm”), is committed to providing accessibility and exceptional customer service to every customer served , and to ensure that all employees uphold and support this policy in full compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

Charm is committed to meeting the accessibility needs of persons with disabilities and all documents and communication supports will be made available in an accessible format upon request. Feedback processes are accessible by arranging for accessible format and communication supports. Charm will ensure that training is provided to all Ontario employees in regards to the “Ontario Integrated Accessibility Standards”, (IASR)

These standards are developed to break down barriers and increase accessibility for persons with disabilities in the areas of information, communication and employment. Charm has developed a Multi-Year Accessibility Plan which details our strategy and supports our commitment to these standards.

CJ Ltd. AODA Accessibility Policy

Policies: Develop, implement, and maintain written policies governing how the organization achieves or will achieve accessibility through meeting requirements in the Regulation.

Posted on Website and CharmU (Internal Learning System)

Organizational Commitment: Include a written statement of organizational commitment to meet the accessibility needs of persons with disabilities in their policies.

CJ Ltd, (hereon referred to as Charm) is committed to providing an environment that provides increased accessibility for persons with disabilities for our customers, employees and visitors to our sites.

Publicize: Make policies or description of policies publicly available.

Posted on Website and CharmU (Internal Learning System)

Accessibility Plan: Establish, implement, maintain, and document a multi-year accessibility plan which outlines the organization’s strategy to prevent and remove barriers for our customers, employees, job applicants, and visitors.

Created a multi-year accessibility plan, consistent with the policy required and will review and update at least once every five years.

Posted on Website and CharmU (Internal Learning System)

Review: Review and update plan every 5 years

Review and update by July 2023

Training: Provide training on accessibility standards and Human Rights Code re: persons with disabilities, to all employees and all persons who provide goods, services, or facilities to the organization.

Training provided and posted to CharmU (Internal Learning System)


Accessibility Report: Section 14 of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act requires an accessibility report be filed showing compliance with the Regulation. Reports due every 3 years.

First Report: Due by December 31, 2014.

Next Report: Due by December 31, 2023

First report filed: May 2014.

Second report filed: December 2017

Third report filed: December 2020

Fourth report filed: July 2023





Action & Compliance

Develop a written process for the development of documented individual accommodation plans.

Workplace accommodation is included in Charm Health & Safety Plan.

  • How employees request accommodation

Employees should request accommodation in writing to Human resources Department.

  • Steps taken to protect employee privacy

Employee Confidentiality: We will protect confidential employee files (such as keeping them in locked cabinets with limited access) and provide a statement that information will only be shared with those who need to know for the purposes of developing and implementing the accommodation plan, and that employee will be informed who has any of his/her confidential information.

  • Notify (in the recruitment process) employees and the public about availability of accommodation for applicants with disabilities.

All Job Postings state: We employ individuals without regard to race, age, religion, disability, gender or national origin. Should you require accommodation in our recruitment selection process, as a result of your disability, please contact Human Resources at or call 902 463 7177. We will work with successful applicants to meet and share accommodation policies.

  • Have in place a Return to work process.

Return to work policy is included in Charm Health & Safety Plan.

We outline steps we will take to return disabled employee to work; use documented individualized accommodation plans.



Provide accessible formats of workplace materials and general information, and communication support.

Consultation with employee to arrange for accessible format or communication support.

Accessible formats to be created/provided on a case by case basis upon request, depending on what the employee requires.

Wait for request and assess what can be provided without undue hardship.

If a request is made, supervisors should advise HR. May also consider requiring the employee to approach HR directly.



Action Plan & Compliance

Feedback and communication supports and processes are accessible by arranging for accessible format

Charm will accommodate specific requests; Examples: large print or audio feedback options.

Upon Request: Arrange for accessible formats and persons with disabilities at no cost.

Arrangements to be made on case by case basis.