The Canadian Love Map

Love isn’t a straight line. It’s complex. It’s a journey. It’s a Love Map.

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The Canadian Love Map

A curated podcast by Charm

Nancy Regan

Hosted by former CTV News Atlantic Anchor Nancy Regan and led by our customers’ unique voices.

From the East Coast to the West, join us as we capture untold and inspiring Canadian love stories, lost friendships rekindled after decades apart, deep family connections and more. 

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8: Alicia & Scott Return - Part 1

Nov 25 - 31min

"Acts of kindness have these incredible ripple effects." For this week's love story, we're catching up with our favourite couple - Alicia and Scott! A lot has happened since we surprised Alicia with a diamond ring back in Season 1, and in this episode we find out what they've been up to! These two continue to steal our hearts, and the hearts of their fans. They lead with kindness and love in everything they do.  

7: Jeff & Rhonda

Nov 18 - 24min

Love can make you move all around the country, but home will always be wherever you are together. This week's love story tells the tale of Jeff and Rhonda, a "copper and a hippie", who took many leaps of faith to be together. Rhonda. Their story has many twists and turns, even some bumpy roads, but their strong commitment to each other meant they were always ready for the next adventure. This is a love story all about teamwork, resilience, courage and sacrifice.

6: Sue & Jim

Nov 11 - 26min

When you know. For Sue, this happened to be in the first grade when she first saw Jim! An on and off young romance blossomed between Sue and Jim when they were schoolmates, but life took them on separate paths. Their love story had a 30 year intermission, but a feeling that it was meant to be kept Sue and Jim in each other's thoughts. What happened next was a reunion that was a long time coming. One that was truly meant to be.

5: Renee & Dixon

Nov 04 - 23min

This week's love story started at a farmers market and blossomed over a long first date and a bouquet of....asparagus! Renee dropped lots of hints when she frequently delivered baked goods to Dixon's stall at the local Farmer's Market, and eventually she asked him out on a date. What happened next was a magical dinner date, many meals cooked together and a relationship full of love, laughing and of! These two sure know the ingredients to a good partnership.

4: Jean-Eva Dickie

Oct 28 - 24min

This week we have a love story, with love itself!   Jean-Eva Dickie went from making actual maps, to mapping love connections as a professional matchmaker. Inspired by creating happiness in the lives of others, she teaches techniques to help her clients find love.   In the process, she has learned a lot about relationships, and has found a match of her own.

3: Kelsey & Taylor

Oct 21 - 26min

Love is all about taking risks. For Kelsey and Taylor, taking risks is a steadfast theme in their love story.   This unlikely couple was set up through friends, when they least expected it. Little did they know, they were a match.   Taylor motivated Kelsey to follow her heart embrace a new career path, while Kelsey inspires Taylor to always be authentic. The pair are currently enjoying the next adventure with a move to a new home, across the world.

2: Ron James

Oct 14 - 26min

Ron James has been entertaining Canadian audiences for over 40 years. His career has taken him down many paths, with twists and turns along the way. What stayed constant was his love of entertaining crowds of people.   This weeks love story is all about Ron's love of comedy, Canada and Canadians. Whether it was his many tv and film appearances, or his successful career in standup, this Canadian character really knows how to keep us laughing.

1: Jada & Jenni

Oct 07 - 23min

We are back with season 3 of the Canadian Love Map and kicking it off with a modern day love story.   The flirtation started online, and has since become a wonderful and stable long distance partnership.   But every good story comes with a plot twist. For Jada and Jenni this was the welcomed arrival of a new baby.   They are now embracing a future a family.