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A curated podcast by Charm

Nancy Regan

Hosted by former CTV News Atlantic Anchor Nancy Regan and led by our customers’ unique voices.

From the East Coast to the West, join us as we capture untold and inspiring Canadian love stories, lost friendships rekindled after decades apart, deep family connections and more. 

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Showing Up with Nancy Regan (Bonus Episode)

Join us for a special bonus episode of Canadian Love Map, where we turn the tables and interview our beloved host, Nancy Regan.

Nancy just released her first book, “From Showing Off To Showing Up: An Impostor's Journey from Perfect to Present”, which sold out on Amazon in less than a week. The book also topped the Amazon charts at #9 on the hot new releases list, #15 in memoirs and #3 on Mover's and Shakers, before it was even released. The book provides an honest glimpse into Nancy's life in the spotlight with a side of self-help. 

Leading the ship this week is special guest host, Starr Cunningham. Starr is the president and CEO of the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia, and like Nancy, a former longtime TV broadcaster. Nancy passed the torch to Starr before leaving her 15 year stint hosting Live at Five on CTV Atlantic.

In this special episode, these two friends have a heartfelt conversation about Nancy's labour of love and discuss the importance of getting rid of our masks and showing up as our true selves.

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Woman To Woman, Side By Side

May 05, 2022 - 31min

"To all of you who still have your moms, give them a real big super duper hug from me this Mother's Day, because you're doing what I would love to be doing." Today's love story belongs to celebrated Canadian author Donna Morrissey.

The subtitle of her 2021 book "Pluck" slug makes it clear what it's about: a memoir of a Newfoundland childhood and the raucous, terrible, amazing journey to becoming a novelist. But also woven into the book is an extraordinary love story between Donna and her mom. 

In this special episode, Donna shares insights from her Newfoundland upbringing, collaborating with her mother on her book "Kit's Law" and supporting her mother through a battle with cancer.

This Mother's Day episode is dedicated to the late Claudine Adele Ford Morrissey. 


A Rockin' Romance

Apr 28, 2022 - 25min

Sometimes you need to see someone in a new light for the sparks to fly.  Today's love story belongs to Tamara and Len. Once upon a time they were both single parents and Len's daughter was one of Tamara's students. But this parent teacher dynamic did not start off with high marks.

After some bumpy interactions, it was a messy but memorable relay for life event that sparked this flame.  

They soon learned that they had much more in common than they initially thought. Now these two are enjoying life as one big family. 


Off The Beaten Path

Apr 21, 2022 - 28min

It started with a chance meeting before a fundraising concert on a frigid February night. But things warmed up fast when these two artists laid eyes on one another.
This week's love story belongs to Mike and Kristen from Nova Scotia.
The pair bonded over the arts, Mike in music as the frontman of The Town Heroes, and Kristen as a visual abstract artist. 
Their latest creative collaboration is a fun new book called “You and Me: Travel, Misadventures, and Love around the world”, where they share stories of their romance and freewheeling escapades around the world. They also launched a new podcast called "Mike and Kristen".
These two are truly up for anything and are living proof that going off the beaten path can lead to beautiful destinations.

Love At The Border of War

Apr 14, 2022 - 34min

When a war breaks out across the sea, it's so easy to feel helpless. This week's story belongs to someone who dropped everything and made his way to the Ukraine Polish border to help, face to face.
Forbes March is a British-born, Canadian actor, model, businessman, husband, and father. He heard the cry for help from Ukraine loud and clear. Forbes, along with two brave friends, decided to travel to Poland to help distribute goods to women and children in need, while also joining other volunteer efforts.

What he experienced changed him. But as he recounts, even in a war zone, the good can be found in the helpers.


An On Set Family

Apr 07, 2022 - 29min

The magic of movies is that they open our eyes to the lives of others, inspire connection and provide hope. Today's love story belongs to "Dawn, Her dad and The Tractor".  That's the Canadian film that's making waves internationally, and maybe even changing the world. The story features a young trans woman, Dawn, who returns to her hometown that remembers her as a boy. There, she reconnects with her family and repairs a relationship with her father.

Dawn is played by trans actor and activist Maya V. Henry. Her father, John Andrew, is played by Rob Wells famous for his portrayal of Ricky in the phenomenally successful Trailer Park Boys franchise. Another TPB alumnus,  Shelly Thompson is the writer, director and producer of this piece of art.

Shelley, Maya and Rob joined us for a conversation about the love for the film's story, their experience working together as an on-set family and the positive impacts of the film.

Dawn, Her Dad and The Tractor is now streaming across Canada on CRAVE.


The Bellydancer and The Choirboy

Mar 31, 2022 - 28min

Life has a crazy way of bringing people together, and back together. The colourful individuals in this story come from different backgrounds and have led quite eventual lives individually, and together.
This week's love story belongs to Christine and Chris from Fort Langley, BC. They met at age 16 in the UK working at a butcher shop, near the end of the Second World War.

Christine was an impressionable young woman who ended up belly dancing in the Middle East for a famous pop star. Chris was a keen choirboy who was rescued from the rubble when his home was hit by a bomb.

After many plot twists and turns, including a famous engagement, love letters and a night in jail,  they have been together nearly 60 years.

You can read all about this entertaining story in the book, "The Choirboy and the Belly Dancer" written by Christine over the pandemic.

Buy "The Choirboy and the Belly Dancer":


Long Distance in Love

Mar 24, 2022 - 28min

It started with a phone number written on a post-it note and led to "going steady" as seniors in high school. Flash forward to present day, they are still going steady.

This week's love story belongs to Sara and John from Nova Scotia. When high school ends, we are often encouraged to cut ties as we figure things out, which could lead to heartbreak. But Sara and John decided to stay together though it all.

The pair followed their own paths and endured 4 years of long distance, at a time when communication required...much more patience.

Almost 3 decades later, they have proven that steadfast loyalty can lead to happily ever after.

Who Do You Think I Am?

Mar 17, 2022 - 22min

The famous saying “You shouldn't judge a book by its cover” is famous for a reason. We are so much more than how we appear on the outside.

This love story belongs to Madison Tevlin, a shining star from Toronto who was born to entertain. She was also born with down syndrome. But as she says, that's the least interesting thing about her.

Madison created a pilot on YouTube called “Who do you think I am?” aimed at challenging stereotypes that turned into a TV show on CBC Gem. Madison interviews people she looks up to, who know what it's like to be judged in superficial ways. She also has a talent and passion for singing.

She is busting stereotypes, moving up in the show business world, and entertaining us all along the way.

Love Letters Across the Atlantic

Mar 10, 2022 - 29min

In today's modern worlds of communication, the art of letter writing is a long-lost practice. It requires patience, but also evokes anticipation and hope.

This multi-generational love story belongs to Carly and Adam from British Columbia. But also Irene and Nick, Carly's grandparents. Irene was a British war bride and Nick was her Canadian soldier husband.

When Carly discovered her grandmother's love letters, it inspired her to cross the sea for an adventure and pick up the pen herself. 67 years after the original letters were written, Carly and Adam started writing their own love letters.

This is an epic tale of retracing family history and writing a whole new chapter of romance, which happened to lead to a surprise wedding.

Carly's book "Life's Letter" is available for purchase now!


Bella Brave and Her Supermom

Mar 03, 2022 - 30min

This week's love story belongs to Bella and her supermom Kyla, from Saskatchewan. You might know Bella from TikTok, where she has won the hearts of millions of followers.

Bella was born with 3 rare health conditions. Her and Kyla have spent a big chunk of the past 8 years in the hospital and Bella has endured over 20 surgeries in her young life. Her mom Kyla, has also endured the stresses of being a medical mother.

Despite these challenges, Bella is the rock in Kyla’s life. At the end of the day, they both make each other brave.


Adopting a Best Friend

Feb 24, 2022 - 27min

Pets come into our lives for different reasons. Perhaps to heal a broken heart or to simply be a loyal companion. In this week's story, it was all of the above and so much more. 

This love story belongs to Angela and her grumpy "murder cat", from Nova Scotia.

When Angela's grandfather passed away she adopted his cat named Mackenzie. She chose to document their entertaining relationship on social media. The unlikely duo gained an enormous audience, and their unconventional love story inspired the creation of a successful nonprofit organization that's receiving international attention.

And it all started with a leap of faith.

International Band of Brothers

Feb 17, 2022 - 26min

The word family can mean something different for everyone. But we can all agree that the power of connection should be cherished and celebrated.

Today's love story belongs to Michel from Toronto. In Haiti, Michel was adopted by Canadian parents at only 5 weeks old and he grew up in a small Ontario town.

Despite being part of a loving family, his racial identity caused some challenges in his young life. Michel grew up hungry to know more about his Haitian roots.

He knew very little about his birth parents, until recently, when an unexpected message through social media opened up a whole new world.

He was reunited with an international band of brothers. 

We Met In An Ice Storm

Feb 10, 2022 - 30min

They were two individuals on separate life paths when their journeys collided in the most Canadian of ways: in an ice April!

What was shaping up to be a tragic tale of interrupted travel became a cinematic story they've been joyfully telling for 18 years. There's lots to this story including a movie worthy first kiss, a high speed race to a wedding and a concert proposal.

It's got everything a great story should have, especially the happy ending.

Living A Charmed Life

Feb 03, 2022 - 28min

This week's love story belongs to a pair of storytellers destined for the big screen, Dylan and Jen from British Columbia.

Once upon a time, Jen was a model traveling the world while Dylan was skating toward a hockey career. As so often happens, life had surprises in store for them. She became an actor and filmmaker, and he landed a role in one of Canada's most successful TV shows.

Their journeys collided with a chance meeting through an agent which eventually led to a romantic proposal.

You might recognize Dylan from helping educate in the 4 C’s from the Charm Diamonds tv commercials.

Hear the whole story in this very entertaining episode!