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November 22 2016

Which Princess are you?

Discover Your Inner Disney Princess

Once upon a time there was a jewellery collection so magical, it transformed those who wore it into their favourite Disney princess. With rose gold detail so fine, it could turn a beast into a charming prince, and pixy dust diamonds that could transform the ordinary into a magical land far away. Inspired by your favourite Disney moments, the Enchanted Disney collection is what dreams are made of.

Which Princess are you?

If you believe in dreams and that anything is possible with a little magic and a great pair of heels, then…


With your glass slipper and carriage as your signature and the stunning London Blue Topaz, you are ready to make your Cinderella entrance and live the life of your dreams.



If you can see beyond the surface and are always looking at life from a deeper perspective, then…


Precious like the rose that is your signature is your connection to people and their hearts and minds. Your light and love shine like a beautiful Citrine that only exemplifies your sophistication.



If you have an inner power and are a leader not a follower, then…


Your signature snowflake is as unique as you are and possesses the dignity you are known for.



The Enchanted Disney collection is exclusively available in Canada at Charm Diamond Centres.

Celebrate the magic of Disney and discover your inner princess here